Innovation at Raynham

Right from its very beginnings, the Raynham Estate has been a champion of innovation and an early adopter of cutting edge technologies; be they architectural, agricultural or scientific.

Renewable Energy

There is only one planet and the Raynham Estate has long recognised the importance of protecting it. A commitment to renewable energy is a key part of the approach to reducing the Estate’s carbon footprint and ensuring that it continues to embrace innovative technologies.

Solar Farm

Powering over 12,000 homes

Our vision for renewable energy at Raynham began in 2012.

Built on the former Royal Air Force West Raynham Airbase, the Solar Farm represented the biggest PV plant operational in the UK at the date of its completion in early 2015 and is currently leased to Bluefield Partners LLP.

It currently serves over 12,000 homes with electricity as well as providing the neighbouring communities with funds for local projects. 

Anaerobic Digestor

Helping to heat over 4,000 homes

Biogas produced from farm waste in an ‘Anaerobic Digester’ is then cleaned and injected into the Mains Gas Supply to heat and energise those houses using gas.

The hall is heated from a renewable heating supply called Ground Source Heating taking heat from the soil to heat the house and provide its hot water.


Centuries of innovation

Raynham Estate has been known as an innovator in agriculture for centuries and as guardians of the land the Townshend family is committed to enhancing the environment and farming in a sustainable way.

The Estate’s farm directors and crop production manager continue to adopt innovative advances in agricultural technology.