Raynham Farm Company Ltd currently farms in-hand approximately 3,700 acres of land with a variety of cereal, root and break crops.

There are 600 acres of grassland which is grazed by the Estate’s herd of Aberdeen Angus beef cattle and 700 acres of woodland managed commercially under a 10 year woodland management plan.

All the farmed and grassland is entered into an Environmental Stewardship Scheme to ensure that the environment is enhanced and that the land is farmed in a sustainable way.

The Raynham Estate has been known for centuries as an innovator in agriculture.

The second Viscount was renowned agricultural innovator Charles “Turnip” Townshend. He invented the Norfolk four-course rotation crop system which he put into practise at Raynham Farm in the early 17th century. The new system dramatically improved the productivity of agricultural land by excluding a fallow year and introducing turnips as a fodder crop to feed livestock over the winter.

The system was a driving force behind the Agricultural Revolution and earned the second Viscount his affectionate nickname. He was considered responsible for the resulting large scale cultivation of turnips across England that followed.

The focus on new technologies is something that the family strives to continue at Raynham Estate; harnessing together new science and the old techniques of soil management to promote our soil health and crop yields.